You’re busy. I get it. But you still want to be informed and do your part, right? Let me help you to help the planet in the simplest, fastest way possible. I’ll do the research, simplify it and condense it into short, easy to understand articles every week so you can be the best, greenest version of yourself and stay up to date with what’s going on with the planet.


What the ocean gives to me (and what nature can do for you) is nothing short of a miracle. She is the reason behind everything I do to help tackle pollution and climate change- this blog, my public speaking, any content creation- its all to aid in her preservation so current and future generations can benefit in the same way I have. 

Let me tell you what’s going wrong, but more importantly how small changes by each and every person can make a HUGE difference. Signing up will see you receive a weekly newsletter with just one quick, easy to read article: simple plant based recipes, research articles and stories of great people doing incredible things by making conscious, thoughtful decisions about even the smallest of details.

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