Conscious Consumerism Panel

Conscious Consumerism Panel
April 11, 2019 Melodie

You may have noticed I didn’t post anything last week. That’s because I was busy smashing one of my life goals by participating in my first ever ticketed speaking event!

(eek, yay me)

I’ve hosted supperclubs, I’ve created a tv series, I’ve even done cooking demonstrations on stage at Westfield in London, but this event still made me SO nervous… and I think I did really well!

For those that weren’t at the event: it was broken down into three sections (what is the problem, how did we achieve this problem, how do we fix this problem) and there was a total of 4 women on the panel who came from different backgrounds and concentrated on one issue in particular.

Moi– My specialty for this panel was in plastic waste/ environmental waste.

Malou Herkes- A food writer who specialised in food waste.

Abi Glencross– A former scientist turned farmer who specialises in agricultural waste.

and our lovely moderator for the evening was:

Abby Rose– Another incredible scientist whose family is in farming, Abby also does a podcast championing sustainable farming.

All of these subjects fed into the main topic being conscious consumerism and how to vote for the world you want with your hard earned money.

If you missed this event please stay tuned, I hope to do many more of them.

If you were at the event (thankyou!) please also stay tuned, I intend to do some articles on the two questions which really stood out to me on the night:

  • How do we enroll/ inspire people to care about the environment (particularly housemates with recycling/ not using plastic etc.)
  • What advice would I give to people working to a strict budget who want to be greener.

There is a free e-book available from this event, if you would like a copy please email me and I’d be happy to share it with you.



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