Thoughts from Isolation… pt. 1

Thoughts from Isolation… pt. 1
March 28, 2020 Melodie

What “everyday” thing did you do which felt like an accomplishment today?

I’ll start- I managed to have a shower (albeit past midday) and put something on that wasn’t tracksuit pants…

I’m now writing this sitting in the sun whilst eating an apple (wow, a piece of fruit too, my body must wonder what’s happening!).

Because of COVID-19 all my work was stripped away and despite that I’ve tried (some days desperately) to remain positive. I told myself I would make the absolute best use of this time where life feels paused, I would do ALL the things… I lied. I slumped, HARD.

In the same boat? Luckily I’m here to tell you it’s ok to slump, it’s ok to curl into a ball inside with a hot water bottle even though it’s sunny outside, its ok to wear the same tracksuit for 5 days (even Miley Cyrus is doing it), it’s ok to be mad, sad, frustrated, tired, bored or unproductive (or all of these things at once!). These are uncertain and unprecedented times, there’s no right or wrong way to feel (that goes for always, but especially now). So give yourself a break, ok? I’m writing this to you because I needed to hear it too! I’ve been so mad at myself recently for not being better at finding more work to have saved for this (yeah, like I could predict a global pandemic *facepalm*), for not finishing new my website, for not reading all the books, just basically for being a normal human being! Isn’t that ridiculous?! So, even if it’s just for me, show yourself a little love and kindness today, celebrate the small wins, celebrate you.

PRO TIP: You know what the magical thing is? Sometimes if we allow ourselves to slump, the slumpiness actually lifts quicker! So stop beating yourself up ya big beautiful slump-a-lump! Alacazam! Your house is now a guilt-trip free zone! No cheating.

This post was inspired by the ever wise Maharati, a boss at being a slump-a-lump and a sugar-lump.

Also, it took me half an hour to write this post (it’s going to be my shortest ever published piece) and 2 days to post it, but I’m dancing the guilt off with some top 90s tracks (YAAAAAS, EN VOUGE).